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torsdag, januari 13, 2005

A European view of November USelection

As a citizen in one of the smaller nations in Europe, one is well aware of the interdependency between the nations of the world. Wherever you live in Europe another nation, language and culture is less than a day’s drive away. In that light I find it amazing that in the USA, a man can be elected president without ever having been abroad. From a European point of view, it would make him highly unfit for office. Why? Because everything we do inevitably affect those around us. Over the past four years we have seen the results of this presidents lack of understanding for international politics and interest. President Bush has acted as though the USA is an isolated Island. I believe the consequences are far more severe than President Bush or any of his advisers can ever survey.
At the Republican convention they boasted about American security. But I tell you: Because of American war-efforts, America has never been more insecure. And every attempt to further flex muscles will only create more instability. Saddam might be gone, and so are the Taliban’s, but for every bomb that falls over Nablus another 10 young Bin Laden’s are born. And as poverty and chaos strikes the young men will rally to their cause. This terrorism cannot be defeated with heavy arms, especially if you by doing so defy the UN, and insults other international standpoints. It will only increase resentment and leave America lonely.
The way Bush is portrayed in European media; he appears to be a mindless puppet in the hands of the hawks. Whenever he speaks he sounds like a pre-recorded soundtrack from a John Wayne-movie. He is a disaster to international politics and stability.
USA is undoubtly the most powerful nation in the world. Lot of great things comes from USA. But President Bush seams to think that being powerful means that you can do what you want. 9/11 clearly shows, however, how doing what you want strikes back in ways that are unimaginable. As Spiderman’s uncle put it; “With great power comes great responsibility”.
Dear Americans! You do not only elect president of the USA, but in a way the president of the world. So when you go to the polls on November 2nd, please bear that in mind. God Bless America